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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  October 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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eyewitness news in high definition. >> a super secret tribute to steve jobs action what visitors saw as leaders gathered for the service. the oakland raiders honor the memory of al davis at their first home game since his death. what the nation wants to see happen with the team. a deadly trend appearing in the south bay. for the 5th time in two weeks a man dies after a confrontation with police. security was tight tonight at stanford where some of the elite gathered to honor steve jobs. the service was so secret to the unclear when it started or how many attended. >> reporter: shrouded behind dark tinted windows they came by limo and sport car.
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for a few hour itself was the center of the money and power. >> must be a lot of important people. >> reporter: chopper 5 had the best view of the event since media was being kept back. these photographs show the rear of memorial church at the center of campus where guests gathered. does he deserve all this? >> for what he achieved yes. >> reporter: jobs died october 5th after a long battle with cab cancer. his family held a small private funeral. apple plans a celebration of his life at company headquarters on wednesday but tonight was meant for high tech vip's. >> of course it's already great to be at stanford but even -- today it's even more impressive. >> i think it's wonderful.
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i think -- wonderful things for people. not just the product but he helped people get connected, helped people interact more, you know develop relationships. >> reporter: the governor has declared today steve jobs day saying that to call him influencal is an under statement. >> turning into a season that would make al davis proud the raiders winning again today. the first home game since he died. at half time the team revealed a tribute to keep his memory alive. >> john madden lighting the torch in a tribute. >> reporter: members of raider nation paid their respects to davis before the game. >> reporter: >> reporter: a toast totman credited with fathering the raider nation and changing the
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nfl. >> he is the man. he is the man. >> fans license plate reads commitment to excellence and his tailgate party his flag is flying low. >> in honor of al and it took a while to get it done. >> for the first raiders home game since the passing of al davis. >> i get emotional and with the roar of the crowd, yeah,. >> him leaving is just like a relative dying, era,. >> he is remembered in all sorts of ways, dubbed black thumb day by fans. he is on t-shirts and on twitter. hash tag rip al davis shows a stream of hopes and memories from all over the united states. >> a long with the partying and the mourning going on here in the parking lot there is also an air of wondering what is next for the team.
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it's almost like a family leaving you wonder who will step in now. >> i hope they keep the same al davis way. >> al davis. >> it's a new era for raider fans. one for his memory will always have a place. >> and we will have more on the game and the half time ceremonies in 30 minutes. will are reports of shooting in pittsburgh that sent four people to the hospital. police are at a home near ravine where shots were fired at a party. the mercury news is reporting teens were at the gathering and may be among the victims. a neighbor tell says one of the victims was light flighted to
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the hospital. we will bring you more information as we get it. it's happened again for the 5th time in two weeks south bay police have shot a suspect. the latest incident happened this morning in san jose on the 400 block of wooster. what police and the public say happened. >> reporter: it was just before noon when someone in the apartment complex reported a suspicious man with a gun. four police officers found the suspect in the back parking lot. >> something happened where one at least one officer was forced or felt it necessary to discharge his gun at the individual. usually we do that for our protection or to prodetect other officers or someone in the public, a civilian. >> reporter: they would not reveal any other details but one resident claimed she saw the suspect ram into several cars as he tried to get away. >> hit a car it was up in the corner and he backed out and -- he tried to put him -- drive
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and he hit and he put it in reverse and then pulled out and then he tried to get away and then he shot him at gun point. >> reporter: the suspect was shot and killed. this is the 5th officer involved shooting in the south bay in the past two weeks but police say they can only guess as to why there is this deadly trend. on october 6th sheriff's deputies shot and killed a quarry murder suspect in sunnyvale. the next day there were two separate nonfatal shootingsings, then october 10th san jose police shot and killed a man armed a hand gun in front of a school. >> i think there is nationwide an idea that law enforcement has been -- has seen increase in officers being assaulted or killed. >> reporter: resulting in a spike in deadly use of force. in san jose, lindaee. >> oakland police have three more homicides to investigate. all coming on the same day the
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mayor announced plans to cut the crime rate. two were shot to death just before midnight at an apartment in the 1300 block of medicare arthur. another man was shot during a carjacking on olive street. he died early saturday. this brings the total number of murders in oakland this year to 94. there were 95 for all of last year. ? a red light runner lead chp runners on a chase through san francisco while firing shots at officers. they say the driver ran a light at bale and bryant about 11:15 and then left. he eventually crashed near the transamerica building and ran away on foot. the chp closed off several blocks but never found the man. a convicted gang member is facing charges tonight accused of killing two people in oakland last month and then setting fire to their apartment to cover the crime. 47-year-old henry cervante
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section was arrested while visiting his parole officer. one of the victims, a 73-year- old was paroled just last year after serving time for a murder in the 80s. think of seeing photographs a murder scene posted on the internet before police have even finished their investigation. a veteran lapd homicide detective took this photograph and sent it out on twitter. it shows the body of a murder victim in the city's neighborhood covered by a sheet. a blogger took issue with the posting. >> okay, i understand it's not an easy job but you have to have that -- keep up that level of being professional. >> reporter: the detective who posted it is a 30 year veteran and said peetweets to raise awareness about the victims of gang violence in the south la community. he doesn't believe he did anything wrong. the protesters seem determined to hold their
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ground. where police tried to evict them today and the evidence that the movement is set up for a long stay. the aftermath of a deadly boating accident. what witnesses are telling investigators might have led to the death of three women. >> beautiful temperatures all weekend long and a warm up in store as we start the workweek. how hot we will get all over the bay area in just a bit. ,, [ male announcer ] one-hundred-nineteen data points. this is what we can gather from an ordinary crash test dummy. two million data points. this is what we can gather from a lexus crash test genius. [ engine revving ] when you pursue industry-leading safety,
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today... demonstra . this was i scene at the occupy chicago protest. demonstrators clashing with police. 175 people were arrested. it's now been one month since the protest started in new york and so far there are no signs of it slowing down. close to $300,000 have been donated to the movement's website as well as a warehouse full of supplies. thousands of people joined the president today for the official revealing the new dr. king memorial. his message that still resonates with our nation. >> reporter: the president toured the dr. king memorial and then dedicated it to a man
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he said changed history. >> he stirred our conscious and helped make our union more perfect. >> reporter: he called on the nation to use dr. king as inspiration and praised his moran washington. >> i have a dream. without his words we may not have had the courage to calm come as father. >> reporter: it's the first on the mall to honor a black leader. the dedication included music by stevie wonder and aretha franklin and speeches by members of king's family. >> here i am over joyed and humbled to see this great day when my brother martin takes his symbolic place on the national mall. >> reporter: thousands people attended the dedication here on the national mall in washington. many came to remember and honor
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his legacy. >> this is so important to the country. to our society. >> reporter: his daughter said the memorial represents a movement. >> it symbolizes that a black preacher, from the south started a social change that helps to redeem the soul of america. >> reporter: the president called on americans to keep working toward his dream. >> los angeles countsy revovo," r is still closed after a boating accident that killed three women. police say the women including a mother and daughter were riding on a boat and making sharp turns when they hit a small boat. four people on the boat were injured but they are recovering. for those of us here another beautiful weekend wrapping up. we will have the forecast. >> we enjoyed beautiful temperatures this afternoon and
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still pretty nice outside right now. we will see more cloud over into the inland locations this evening, mostly cloudy at the coastline inside the bay. clouds as well in addition to patchy fog and should be clear in to the overnight if you are in the inland spots, temperatures in the 50s and 60s for the start of the workweek. it'll ba a nice one. bumping up the temperatures in the inland spots action sitting in the 80s at the bay, pretty nice as well. mostly sunny skies, partly cloudy at the coast but should get sun breaks as well. future cast showing cloud cover in to the early morning hours. you can see that stretching in to the inland valleys and the coastline and parts 6 san francisco. by the afternoon, clearing out for the most part. we should see mostly sunny skies, lingers clouds along the coast, possibly parts of san francisco as well. that high that's holding is bringing us this day of additional degrees, five to 20 degrees of warming in some locations and as far inland but
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big changes though later on in the week. this area of low pressure sliding in to the bay area, that's going to drop temperatures and bring them to more seasonal numbers, still pleasant weather. just not as hot. around northern california looking good. lots of sun. 84 the high in redding, lake tahoe at 69 and fresno at 88. lots of sun here in the bay area. here is what the highs will look like. 76 oakland and fremont. fairfield at 83 and 81 as a high in santa rose a. tomorrow will be that warmest day of the workweek and then we will start to see a cooldown into tuesday, wednesday and thursday, but those temperatures still pretty nice looking at 70s and 80s in the inland spots, holding onto the warm temperatures for friday and then saturday and sunday like to look at next weekend already is looking good. going to see lots of sun and pleasant temperatures as well. that's a look at the forecast. it. >> a grown up ailment showing
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up in kids. >> i will never stop playing soccer and sometimes like you get so addicted you don't care if you get hurt. >> why doctors say more knee injuries and what children can do to avoid them. ,,,,,,,,
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athletes ...and many adults. but now doctors are seeing an alar ber of knee injuries in kids. bigad shaban . it's a commonnal mint. now doctors seeing an aalarming number of knee injuries in kids. the problem for parents and doctors. >> reporter: amy was a proud
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soccer mom but a caution one. her 10-year-old daughter just started on the field last month but putting any more time into the sport beyond this once a week nontraveling league was out of the question. >> you quiet a knee injury when you are ten and maybe something have you to deal with your entire life. >> reporter: among children a new study points to a dramatic increase in the number of sports related knee injuries. the children's hospital finding more than 400% spike in the last decade. >> year round sports is very popular and the more you participate it's going to increase your chances of injury. >> reporter: it can require long recovery. in order to rebuild a torn acl one of the major ligaments doctors often drill into the bone through what's called a growth plate. in adult that plate is developed. going through one in a child
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can stump the size and shape of bones. for this girl it's a risk worth taking. >> boy never stop playing. >> reporter: why? >> it's just so much fun and sometimes like you get so addicted that you don't really care if you get hurt. >> reporter: it's a constant thought for a tired soccer mom on the sideline. >> i would not want my child to have an injury for no reason but we thought she should be in soccer. >> reporter: doctors argue avoiding sports isn't the answer. instead they recommend children learn proper techniques to keep the stress off their bones. the solution doctors say may be how they play the game. cbs news new york. >> a great way to exercise, 20,000 runners in san francisco street this is morning for the women's nike half marathon. the race benefits the leukemia society. since the first event in 2006 they have raised more than $105
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million. call it a tko at the box office. the slug fest for top in ticket sales and the photograph finish for the winner. . and take note, the talent of one man not to grow pumpkins but to carve them. . >> and coming up on game day tragedy on the racetrack, a two time indianapolis 500 win certify 500 winner is dead after a crash. the 49ers are on top of the nfl but it's the coach's confrontation after the game that's getting national attention. is an apology coming? you will hear from jim harbaugh. and the win with but the raiders in the market for a quarterback and the world series match upset. ,,,,
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continues this week. in the past month, the a . the reprieve at the pumps continue this is week. the average price of a gallon of gas has fallen a quarter. right now the national average is $3.42 but here in the bay area as always it's different. san francisco still has the highest prices, average of $3.81 a gallon. new mexico, the lowest at $3.07. we can credit low demand caused
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by unemployment. pg&e wash warning people they it may smell natural bass tomorrow. the utility will run pressure tests on a pipeline. the office of emergency services said it should go away quickly and service won't be affected. a box office newcomer almost got the top spot but was no match for last week's number one. >> are you ready? >> real steel starring hugh jackman was top bringing in over $16 million. the new movie foot loose danced to number two, tickets just a little less, the thing brought in over 8 million filed by the ides of march and dolphin tales. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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record holder -- and he's at it again. is: carving giant . a six time world record holder and at it again. doing this. carving giant pumpkins. he has the current record for the largest one ever carved weighing just over 1800 pounds. this is a kickoff to springfield oregon's fundraiser benefiting the homeless. this one will be the center piece. that's it for us. news updates on game day


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